We Design Pop-up

2021 | Museum Exhibition

Design Museum Exhibition

Created for a national design company that wanted to showcase We Design at industry conventions, the convention exhibition needed to mirror the public exhibition while being able to pack and ship flat and be assembled by one non-museum professional.



Project Management


We Design is an exhibition program designed to inspire young adults, particularly women and those from historically underinvested communities of color, to explore careers in creative industries. It is expansive and highly interactive. A national design company wanted to be able to take the exhibition with them around the country to help achieve the mission. Only issue? The weeklong installation process was unreasonable.

Solution Strategy

They needed a travel ready version of this exhibition that could be installed by two people in less than 2 hours. It needed to still be just as interactive, and of course look good. I created a 6 module pop-up exhibition that could take a beating in transport and was intuitive enough for someone new to put together each time.

Display Modules

Packed Modules

Media Panel

 On the road